Poster printing and poster prints on the wall of a subway station

Print posters & advertising posters, from A2 to XL for indoors & outdoors

We print posters for indoor and outdoor use*, posters from A2, A1, A0 and up to XL for indoor* & outdoor use, gluable advertising posters and on waterproof and tear-resistant synthetic paper for robust posters, e.g. in display stands. Order online and have them sent to you or collect them from the store in Berlin.

*for non-standard prints & inquiries

Have advertising posters & placards or maps printed, e.g. on poster paper, PP film or Tyvek:

As posters for indoor use or waterproof posters for display stands as well as glued posters for billboards and 18/1 posters or on robust Tyvek for outdoor activities.

Poster paper* matte 180 g/sqm: Pure white paper for indoor posters. Print is waterproof, but only partially smudge-proof when wet. Printed in high resolution with pigment inks at 1,200 dpi. Perfect for announcement posters or for trade fairs and presentations. All formats are possible up to 150 cm wide, A2, A1, A0 and larger and everything in between.

Blueback paper/billboard paper/proof paper 125 gsm semi-matt: Can be glued, coated blue on the back to cover underlying images. For posters for outdoor use for up to 3 months without additional protection. Waterproof, brilliant color ecosolvent inks, resolution: up to 1,440 dpi, max. print width 135 cm

Synthetic paper / PP film semi matte: Polypropylene film, tear-resistant, wipeable, waterproof, does not curl when wet. Printed with waterproof, brilliantly colored ecosolvent inks, resolution: 1,440 dpi, max. print width 135 cm. For printing posters for advertising displays, plans, maps.

Tyvek banner, 110 gsm, ultra-light and thin, bright white PE-HD with a paper-like feel and a spunbond look on the reverse. Neutral white, matt non-reflective coating, high color density, good black values, waterproof, used for special posters, maps, plans, as a rotating band in sports sponsoring or for starting numbers. It is also used for festival wristbands.

We print on poster materials for indoor and outdoor use:

Poster paper 180 gsm, for indoor use, daily production with next day service.
- matt poster paper, 180 gsm, cold white, max. 150 cm wide, printed on Canon with 12 colors and RGB inks, excellent print image

Bluebackpaper 125 g/sqm semi-matt, for outdoor use, production time approx. 2 working days
- Semi-matt poster paper, blueback paper or billboard paper, 125 gsm, cold white, blue reverse side to cover underlying images, can be glued, waterproof. Application: Billboards/18/1 posters in outdoor areas, max. 135 cm wide, printed on Epson Surecolor

Synthetic paper / PP film semi matte, for outdoor use, production time about 2 working days.
- Polypropylene film, tear-resistant, e.g. for advertising displays, waterproof, does not curl when wet. Printed on Epson Surecolor, resolution: up to 1,440 dpi, max. print width 135 cm

Tyvek banner, ultra-light, matt, for outdoor use, production time approx. 2 working days
110 gsm, ultra-light and thin, bright white PE-HD with a paper-like feel and a spunbond look on the reverse, e.g. for special posters, maps, plans. Waterproof, does not curl when wet, very tear-resistant. Printing with pigment inks, 1,200 dpi print resolution, max. print width 104 cm

ICC profiles posters, billboards

How long does it take to make my picture?

In our product or category descriptions, you will find the average production times or the exact printing dates and deadlines for data submission.

I am unsure if the size of my image is sufficient. What can I do?

We check your data for the appropriate resolution for the desired size and whether the image proportions fit. If there are any problems or ambiguities, we will contact you.

What is the exact ordering process?

You either order your image in our online store or send us the file via our individual order with the appropriate info and your wishes noted.

For both order options, after we have successfully reviewed your data, you will receive an e-mail containing our invoice with the payment terms and informing you of the expected completion or shipping date.

If you have paid our invoice in advance, you can come to pick up your print at any time during our business hours from the completion date. Payment on site is possible by German EC card or cash. For staff reasons, however, we are happy if you have already paid in advance. This is possible by bank transfer or Paypal.

If your data is not readily printable, we will contact you in advance to inquire.

Can I pick up my print in person?

You can come to our retail store in Berlin-Friedrichshain for collection at any time from the notified completion date during our business hours from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5:30 pm. Since we currently do not have the store open directly due to staffing reasons, then please just knock on our door.

How much does it cost to have a photo printed?

Prices for printing a photo start at 30 x 20 cm with 4,02 EUR. The printing price always depends on the chosen material and the size of the image. The resolution of your photo has an influence on which sizes are still well printable.

What format to print photos?

The aspect ratio of the photo should match the aspect ratio of the format to be printed. Many cameras take photos in the aspect ratio of 3:2 or 4:3. This results, for example, in a photo in the format 30 x 20 cm or with the 4:3 aspect ratio the format 40 x 30 cm. Optimal photo file FORMATS are jpg files, as these are not too large due to their compression and are therefore easy to send. But also png and tif are possible.

How can I print pictures from my cell phone?

You can email pictures from your smartphone directly to us on demand and have them printed on high-quality photo paper. Or you can upload your photos to be printed via our webshop during the order process.

Poster printing Poster printing for display stands and showcases

Poster paper matte 180 gsm, indoor poster printing

Pure white paper for printing indoor posters and placards for short-term applications. The print is waterproof, but only conditionally smudge-proof when wet. The matte poster paper is printed in high resolution with pigment inks in 1200 dpi. Perfect for announcement posters or for trade shows and lectures.

- for posters, billboards, charts, presentations ...
- bright white matte paper with 180 g/sqm
- printed in 1200 dpi with uv-stable pigment inks with wide color gamut
- good color reproduction, somewhat more limited depth of field in dark images
- Suitable for indoor or short-term outdoor use
- waterproof print, but not extremely smudge resistant

Poster papers are intended for graphic posters and posters that do not need to last forever. If the focus is on a photo print, a coated paper should be used. Photo paper as the durability is much longer.

For longer-term outdoor use of posters (>1 month), for example in display stands, we recommend printing on our synthetic paper (PP film).

Data submission: Monday till Friday till 16 o'clock
Completion: the next working day from 1 pm

Poster print on billboard paper, 18/1 poster

Bluebackpaper, 125 gsm, poster printing for outdoor use

This poster paper is made to be glued and is therefore blue-coated on the reverse to cover underlying images. For outdoor use for up to 3 months without additional protection. Waterproof inks with a huge color gamut, resolution: up to 1,440 dpi, max. print width 135 cm

The relatively thin material is not entirely dimensionally stable, as the paper expands to some extent due to the moisture of the printing ink and then dries in this way. If you want to use the affiche paper for exhibition printing, please consider this. It happens that posters are then somewhat larger in the running direction and somewhat narrower in width. For normal use, this is rarely a problem.

- Blue coated billboard paper on the back
- Blueback Paper, poster paper to cover posters underneath
- printed in up to 1,440 dpi
- waterproof, uv-resistant
- can be soaked and placarded
- printable width max. 135 cm
- Large posters or 18/1 posters are printed in segments/tracks with 2 cm overlap
- incl. cutting to final format

Completion: in 2-5 working days depending on quantity, workload and arrangement. Customized formats are possible.

Printing on Tyvek for waterproof and tear-resistant maps

Tyvek 110 gsm, ultra-light, waterproof & tear-resistant, e.g. for maps for canoeists, hunters and other outdoor activities

Ultra-light, tear- and weather-resistant, bright white PE-HD with a paper-like feel. Tyvek is used for special posters, maps, plans or also for advertising on revolving advertising boards in sports sponsoring or for starting numbers.

Due to its tear resistance, Tyvek is also often used for control and admission wristbands (party wristbands) at festivals. It can also be used to make CD covers or other packaging.

- ultra-light material with 110 g/sqm
- yet very robust, tear- and weather-resistant
- bright white PE-HD, patented by Dupont
- the unprinted reverse side has a beautiful "spunbonded look"
- Special material, e.g. also for the sale of posters
- Superb print quality thanks to high-resolution pigment printing with 1,200 dpi
- Waterproof printing inks with a wide color gamut
- does not curl when wet
- Maximum print width 104 cm, "endless" length

Fabrication time: Standard are about 2 working days

Tyvek material, close-up view of the unprinted reverse side

unprinted reverse side

Tyvek material printed when wet, waterproof and robust

waterproof print

Waterproof printing on synthetic paper

Synthetic Paper/PP Film, Poster Printing, Waterproof & Tear Resistant

Polypropylene film, e.g. perfect for advertising displays, tear-resistant and waterproof, therefore does not curl when wet.

This tear-resistant PP film is especially suitable for printing waterproof posters for display stands, information stands, exhibition stands and other point of sale applications. The robust base material in combination with the special coating enables short to medium-term outdoor use without additional protective film in front of it.

The silk-matt paper-like surface prevents annoying reflections and achieves brilliant printing results. Due to the thickness of 170 µm, the material enables easy handling and optimal further processing. For example, mounting with double-sided adhesive tape is possible without any problems, as is removal of the film after use.

- synthetic paper made of polypropylene (PP film)
- very robust, tear-resistant and waterproof
- High-resolution poster printing with 1,440 dpi and waterproof printing inks with a wide color gamut
- can be used in the stand without protective film
- does not curl when wet
- Wipeable with mild detergents
- UV stability of the PP film outdoors approx. 1 year, then it can become brittle
- Maximum print width 135 cm, length "endless

Fabrication time: Standard are about 2 working days