Couple holding hands at the table in front of a canvas painting with a frog motif

Photo on Canvas print in Berlin: canvas picture stretched by hand

We are printing your photo brilliantly onto canvas, completely ready to hang mounted on wooden stretcher frame.

*for non-standard prints & inquiries

Have photo canvases printed professionally and in brilliant colors

One to two printing days/week: We print your pictures on canvas once or twice a week. If you are in a hurry, please let us know your Desired date.

Included: Canvas picture printed from your file, mounting on stretcher frame, data check and advice

  • Printing with brilliant, water- and abrasion-resistant inks with a huge color gamut on our standard canvas "Canvas Artist"
  • Print resolution of 1,440 dpi
  • Very durable and UV-stable
  • Immediately dry and virtually no white crack
  • The canvas is made from a cotton-polyester blend and does not shrink during printing.
  • The material can be painted over with various artists' paints (own tests recommended).

Optional: Pigment print on fine art canvas "Lisa", instead of standard canvas "Canvas Artist", surcharge: 15%

Do you want to stretch on your own stretcher frame? Then we will print your photo on canvas as a so-called "print only" at a lower price. For this, please add 5 cm of material to the motif/frame size as a mounting margin.

Maximum print size in one piece on canvas is 150 x 500 cm.

Maximum clamping size on stretcher frame is 140 x 300 cm.

Creating a border design of the side areas of the canvas picture by us (everything except white/unprinted) costs only 5,- €/picture.

Price list for canvas pictures, ready to hang, stretched on stretcher frame or as print only:

All prices include 19% VAT.

Frame format

Canvas print on stretcher frame

Canvas-only print
with 5cm clamping edge

20 x 15 cm

19,99 € ACTION!

15,47 €

30 x 20/22 cm

24,25 €

19,76 €

30 x 30 cm

29,70 €

22,94 €

40 x 30 cm

34,29 €

25,77 €

45 x 30 cm

34,99 € PROMOTION!

27,08 €

50 x 50 cm

49,50 €

34,98 €

60 x 40 cm

44,99 € PROMOTION!

34,47 €

75 x 50 cm

60,62 €

41,92 €

80 x 60 cm

64,99 € ACTION!

46,79 €

80 x 80 cm

79,20 €

53,32 €

90 x 60 cm

69,99 € ACTION!

49,43 €

105 x 70 cm

84,87 €

56,98 €

100 x 100 cm

99,00 €

72,00 €

120 x 80 cm

97,00 €

69,62 €

140 x 100 cm

138,60 €

89,25 €

210 x 140 cm

279,00 €

196,35 €

Fabrication time: Between 3 and 5 working days, depending on workload, availability and order volume.

Included: Photo printed as a canvas picture, stretched on a stretcher frame or as a print only with a stretched edge, but without a stretcher frame

Optional: Pigment print on fine art canvas "Lisa", instead of standard canvas "Canvas Artist", surcharge: 15%

Plus: Optional edge design by us of the areas later visible on the side of the stretcher frame (except for white edges) = € 5.00, also for print-only orders (without stretcher frame)

Your format is not included? Stretcher profiles can be combined with each other without any problems, so that other formats are also possible in 5cm increments and are in line in price. Ask us!

What size/resolution must my file have?

200 dpi is the optimum here, since the material structure cannot display more resolution. On canvas, a resolution of less than 150 dpi is sufficient if necessary due to the fabric structure.

Which file sizes are optimal for canvas printing?

You should have at least a 2.1 megapixel camera. Choose the highest resolution for your photo. If you edit your photo on the computer, save the image in a lossless format such as .tif if possible. You should use the jpg format for sending your data. If possible, please use the "maximum quality" compression rate for the jpg. After viewing your file, we will contact you if your image data is not sufficient for the size you require and make alternative suggestions. As a rule of thumb, a file from a 2.1 megapixel camera (who still has one of those? ;-) up to a maximum size of 60 x 40 cm can be printed in good quality if the image itself is not blurred or too noisy.

Can you also print from analog photos?

You can also send us as large a photo print as possible, which we can then digitize for you. However, this involves additional work, as the image must first be scanned and then the scratches and fluff that quickly become visible when enlarged must be retouched manually. The processing fee is between 5 and 10 euros per scan, depending on the output size. This canvas print cannot be made via the online store, but must be ordered directly.

We also offer professional painting scans with the Cruse scanner. Further information can be found under the menu item Painting scans.

How do you receive my data?

Following your online order at, you can either send us an e-mail with a download link to your file, send us your photo print or your file on CD or USB stick by post or send us your data via send.

Please make sure that you include the order number and/or customer number of your online order with all methods so that we can allocate your file.

Alternatively, you can also place a direct order via our Order form and upload your data there.

What payment methods do you offer?

At the moment you can pay by Paypal, by bank transfer in advance and on personal collection (cash and card). You can select this during the ordering process.

How much border will be removed from my image?

We do not remove anything from your motif as standard. We print the entire motif frontally on the canvas and design the side areas, i.e. what can be seen on the side of the stretcher frame, entirely according to your wishes. This allows you to enjoy the beautiful 3D effect of the printed sides without losing any important parts of the image. You can find an illustration of these options on this website under the heading Border design. These options can also be selected when ordering in our online store.

I am unsure whether my file can be printed in a reasonable quality.

Simply send us your file in advance by e-mail or your print by post and we will check for you whether it meets the requirements for a high-quality canvas print and up to what size it can be printed. As a general rule, the higher the resolution of your digital camera or the larger your analog photo print, the better the canvas print with an otherwise sharp and well-exposed original. If possible, you should send us your prints with return postage so that we can return your photo to you in any case. If your photo is printable, you will of course also receive your stamps back with the delivery.

Can special requests such as cut-outs and the removal of distracting details also be taken into account?

When you place your order, you can tell us in a comment field which section or color corrections you would like. These corrections are free of charge for minor work and can be sent to you in advance by e-mail in reduced size if required. We can also offer you detail retouching, such as the removal of a distracting image detail, but at an extra charge. Simply describe to us in as much detail as possible what you would like us to do and we will let you know in advance how much you can expect to pay.

Which color space, which color profile should my file have?

Digital cameras produce an RGB image, usually with the sRGB color profile. This is just fine, as we can then convert your photo colorimetrically to our requirements without any problems. So you don't have to do anything else.

If you have previous knowledge in this area, you can also send us the file in eciRGB v2 or ISO Coated v2 300%. Our rip software (the program that calculates your data for print output) uses these two color profiles as standard. We check every file we receive to see whether it can be printed with a visually appealing result. If, in our opinion, this is not the case, we will contact you immediately.

Here to go to the data handling overview.

High-quality prints of your pictures on artist canvas

Print on canvas with Epson printer. Image of printer and canvas in close-up.

Artwork printed on canvas "Alles für die Gesundheit 2" by Ania Hardukiewicz. More about the artist:

Our standard canvas "Canvas Artist"

We print your canvas picture on our medium-textured semi-matt canvas "Canvas Artist" with brilliant, waterproof and abrasion-resistant Epson inks with a huge color gamut that allows for vibrant colors, bright reds and deep blacks.

For normal printed photos or graphics on canvas, this material-ink combination offers the most advantageous symbiosis of color gamut, UV stability, robustness and durability.

Our standard canvas print is absolutely waterproof, virtually white crack-free and the printing inks do not smudge due to friction, even when moistened. They are suitable for both photo canvases and art print canvases.

Printing is done on Epson printers with a resolution of 1,440 dpi and 16 passes. This is the perfect print quality, both for photo canvases and for painted images as reproductions on canvas.

We print photo canvases once or twice a week here on site in Berlin and then stretch them by hand in gallery quality onto high-quality wooden stretcher frames.

Photo on canvas with stretcher frame examples

The wooden stretcher frame for stretching your photo canvas

Our standard stretcher has a depth of 20 mm and a profile width of 45 mm. For large formats from about 150 cm, a more stable stretcher frame with a depth of 40 mm may be useful. We offer this as an order item for an additional charge. Just ask us about it.

Our stretcher frames are of course delivered with tensioning wedges. For larger formats over 100 cm, the stretcher frame is reinforced with an additional cross and/or cross bracing.

We process for our canvas pictures only high-quality stretcher frames from art wholesalers and sustainable forestry. These are made of Scandinavian spruce wood, are glued several times and thus almost distortion-free.

Individual sizes are possible upon request

Both in our retail store in Berlin-Friedrichshain and in our online store we offer a variety of fixed formats of canvas prints on the 20mm stretcher frame. This we stock in 5 cm increments from 15 to 140 cm and can thus guarantee a timely completion.

In addition, if you want a custom size or a different wedge frame depth, just contact us directly. We will be able to offer you a satisfactory solution for your photo canvas print in this case as well.

Maximum stretcher frame formats for printing on photo canvas

We stretch up to a maximum size of 140 x 300 cm on stretcher frames. We can print up to a roll width of 152 cm. Of this, 150 cm can be printed. As material is also required to stretch the canvas onto the stretcher frame, 140 cm is the maximum on the short side. The length is only limited by the length of the roll of material.

Design options for printing on canvases

5 examples for the border design of canvas pictures

Five examples for the edge design of canvas pictures - side edges from left to right: 1. overprinted, 2. main motif color, 3. blurred, 4. unprinted, 5. mirrored

Possible edge variants of your printed photo on canvas

We offer the following options for designing the side edges of the canvas picture:

1. "Motif reprinted": Your motif is also printed on the sides of the stretcher frame, i.e. the outer 2 cm or 4 cm (with a 4 cm deep stretcher frame) of your picture is only visible from the side. Please bear this in mind when creating your data, not every motif is suitable for this, as sometimes important parts of the motif are placed directly on the edge and would then only be visible from the side.

2. "Motif main color": The side frame is printed with a main color of your motif. You can specify this when you place your order or ask us to select it for you.

3. edge blurred The actual motif remains completely visible from the front. For the edges, the border areas of the motif are duplicated here and then heavily blurred. This means that the edges are not simply colored in a single color, but the colors of the motif are continued on the edges.

4. "Unprinted": This means that the lateral edge remains white.

5. "Mirrored copied": The edge of the image is added mirrored, so that a 3D effect of the printed pages is achieved without loss of important parts of the image. With many motifs, this gives the impression that the image continues to run on the edge - similar to a reprinted motif, but without image loss in the front. This variant often lends itself to landscape shots. However, there are also images where a rather undesirable effect occurs, as here with our frog's shoulder in the image example.

Different edge effects can also be combined with each other. We will be happy to advise you on this. If we take care of the border design for you, this only costs €5 per picture.

Here you can order your canvas picture directly from our online store

Here you can order your canvas picture informally using the upload form (up to 2 GB):

Canvas in close-up. Stretched stretcher frame from behind.

Optional: canvas pictures on our fine art canvas "Lisa"

For even more detail and a larger color space in some areas or for very neutral grayscale images, we can print canvas images on our "Lisa" matt fine art canvas for an additional charge. As this is printed with pigment inks, it is somewhat more sensitive than our normal canvas prints. Please also refer to our comparison table below.

A print on our "Lisa" fine art canvas is always a good idea:

  • if it is to be an absolutely matt canvas, as the standard canvas is only semi-matt with high ink application;
  • for art reproductions, as the level of detail and, in some cases, the color space are somewhat larger than with standard canvas printing;
  • for grayscale images, as more neutral gray tones are possible with pigment printing on a fine art canvas due to the additional second gray ink.

A comparison of the properties of the two types of canvas:

on the left our standard canvas Canvas Artiston the right our fine art canvas Lisa


Standard canvas

Fine art canvas

Scratch resistance

very good



very good


White quarry



Abrasion resistance wet

very good


Color space

better red

better green/blue



very good

Gloss level


absolutely matt



very good


medium structured

clearly structured


Rather cool

warm white


Cotton-polyester blend

100% Cotton

Do you have product questions that you would like to clarify personally?

No problem! You can contact us at any time on our telephone number 030/28 04 47 27 and get advice or book a personal meeting with us using our appointment form.

Quality and color accuracy in printing for canvas prints:

Photo of the colorimeter for color management

All of our print media, including the canvas prints, are regularly color-measured and color-profiled by us so that your motif can be reproduced with brilliant, true colors. For a picture on canvas, over 1,000 different color patches are printed on the photo canvas and measured with a special colorimeter.

A color profile is then calculated from these determined values, which describes what color tone looks like on the canvas material. By comparing this with stored reference values, color deviations specific to the printing press and material are avoided. Your canvas picture thus receives the optimal colors to make your printed photo look perfect on the photo canvas.

We print that too - the variety of products at

Fine art prints on Hahnemühle handmade paper with torn edges.

Unique fine art prints on Hahnemühle paper

Experience real works of art with our giclee print pigment prints on hand-selected artist papers from Hahnemühle. Our fine art prints offer perfect quality and longevity, almost museum quality. Immerse yourself in a large selection of high-quality papers and be inspired by our artistic prints. We will be happy to advise you on the right choice of paper.

Gallery photo on Alu Dibond with picture frame hanging on the wall

The perfect look: real gallery photo on Alu-Dibond

Get real gallery images on a high-quality Alu-Dibond panel. Our photo prints are perfect for stylish and modern wall decoration. Showcase your favorite photos and have them mounted on an Alu Dibond panel that will last a long time and brighten up any room. Discover our gallery photos on Alu Dibond now and transform your walls into works of art.

Decorative wall design with wallpaper print on non-woven wallpaper with texture category 2

Individual interior design with your own photo wallpaper

A print on photo wallpaper makes your wall unique. Not only photos, but also patterns can be printed as wallpaper using environmentally friendly inks on non-woven photo wallpaper. If you don't want something off the peg, have your own graphic or high-resolution photo or other motif printed on a real non-woven wallpaper in photo quality, a wallpaper that is as individual as you are.