Canvas prints - photos printed on canvas

Canvas printing: Photos printing onto canvas, stretched ready to hang

We are printing your photo brilliantly onto canvas, completely ready to hang mounted on wooden stretcher frame. read more

*for non-standard prints & inquiries

Canvas pictures: We are printing your photos brilliantly onto canvas and professionally mounted by hand on wooden stretcher frame :

Two printing days/week for the standard canvas: We print your photos 2x per week every Tuesday and Thursday as canvas pictures on canvas, ready for pickup the following day from 3 pm. Dates for larger quantities may vary slightly.

Data submission: Please by 10 a.m. Tuesday or 10 a.m. Thursday. 

Border design: Please select from the available border design variants the border look that suits your image or leave this sometimes difficult selection to us. For the adjustment of the lateral margins we charge 5,00 € per image.

Included: Canvas image printed from your photo, stretched on stretcher frame in 20 mm depth, data check and advice.

Product features:
- Printing of your photo on canvas with environmentally friendly and odorless latex ink and a print resolution of 1,200 dpi
- very durable and uv-stable
- semi matte material, very robust
- Immediately dry and virtually no white fracture
- Our canvas prints are made of a semi-matte cotton-polyester blend and which hardly shrinks when printed.
- the canvas can be painted over with various artists' paints (own preliminary tests recommended)
- maximum print size in one piece on canvas is 150 x 500 cm
- maximum stretching size on stretcher frame is 140 x 300 cm

Our second canvas type, optional for about 15% extra charge:
For art reproductions and other high-resolution applications, we offer pigment printing on a fine art canvas for a small additional charge. This consists of 100% cotton and is absolutely matt and reflection-free. Due to its mattness, the material is not quite as robust and scratch-resistant as our latex print canvas, but resolution and color space are greater. Especially for grayscale images, this pigment canvas is more neutral.

You want to stretch your canvas pictures yourself after printing? Then we print your photo on canvas as a so-called "print only" at a lower price (just ask). For this purpose, please add 5 cm of material all around (i.e. on each side) as a stretching margin to the motif size. E.g. for a canvas picture with a frame size of 40 x 30 cm you need a canvas in the size of 50 x 40 cm for stretching.

Product group:
Inkjet printing on canvas, canvas prints

Base material:
coated canvas, wooden stretcher frame

2 types of canvas
2 types of stretcher frames: 20 mm in stock, 40 mm as order goods

indoor, product for the wall

Latex printing and pigment printing

Ordering method:
Online store, USB stick, individual order via FTP

ICC profiles for canvas prints

How long does it take to make my picture?

In our product or category descriptions, you will find the average production times or the exact printing dates and deadlines for data submission.

I am unsure if the size of my image is sufficient. What can I do?

We check your data for the appropriate resolution for the desired size and whether the image proportions fit. If there are any problems or ambiguities, we will contact you.

What is the exact ordering process?

You either order your image in our online store or send us the file via our individual order with the appropriate info and your wishes noted.

For both order options, after we have successfully reviewed your data, you will receive an e-mail containing our invoice with the payment terms and informing you of the expected completion or shipping date.

If you have paid our invoice in advance, you can come to pick up your print at any time during our business hours from the completion date. Payment on site is possible by German EC card or cash. For staff reasons, however, we are happy if you have already paid in advance. This is possible by bank transfer or Paypal.

If your data is not readily printable, we will contact you in advance to inquire.

Can I pick up my print in person?

You can come to our retail store in Berlin-Friedrichshain for collection at any time from the notified completion date during our business hours from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5:30 pm. Since we currently do not have the store open directly due to staffing reasons, then please just knock on our door.

How much does it cost to have a photo printed?

Prices for printing a photo start at 30 x 20 cm with 4,02 EUR. The printing price always depends on the chosen material and the size of the image. The resolution of your photo has an influence on which sizes are still well printable.

What format to print photos?

The aspect ratio of the photo should match the aspect ratio of the format to be printed. Many cameras take photos in the aspect ratio of 3:2 or 4:3. This results, for example, in a photo in the format 30 x 20 cm or with the 4:3 aspect ratio the format 40 x 30 cm. Optimal photo file FORMATS are jpg files, as these are not too large due to their compression and are therefore easy to send. But also png and tif are possible.

How can I print pictures from my cell phone?

You can email pictures from your smartphone directly to us on demand and have them printed on high-quality photo paper. Or you can upload your photos to be printed via our webshop during the order process.


Possible border variants of your printed photo onto canvas - please select

Border design of the side edges in the photo printed on canvas

1. "Motif reprinted": Your motif is printed on the sides of the stretcher frame, i.e. the outer 2 cm or 4 cm (for a 4 cm deep stretcher frame) of your image are only visible on the sides. Please note this when creating your data, not every motif is suitable for this. 

2. "Motif main color": The side frame is printed with a main color of your motif. You can specify this when you place your order or ask us to select it for you.

3. edge blurred The actual motif remains completely visible from the front. For the edges, the border areas of the motif are duplicated here and then heavily blurred. This means that the edges are not simply colored in a single color, but the colors of the motif are continued on the edges.

4. "Unprinted": This means that the lateral edge remains white.

5. "Mirrored copied": The edge of the image is added mirrored, so that a 3D effect of the printed pages is achieved without loss of important parts of the image. With many motifs, this gives the impression that the image continues to run on the edge - similar to a reprinted motif, but without image loss in the front. This variant often lends itself to landscape shots. However, there are also images where a rather undesirable effect occurs, as here with our frog's shoulder in the image example.

Different edge effects can also be combined.

Your photo printed onto canvas

We print your canvas images with environmentally friendly latex ink as standard on a medium textured canvas, which allows for vibrant colors and deep blacks. For normal printed photos or graphics on canvas, this material-ink combination offers a good symbiosis of color range, UV stability, robustness and durability.

For even more detail sharpness, color space as well as finest gradients, canvas images on a matte fine art canvas are also possible for approx. 15% surcharge. The printing dates for this canvas image material, please simply arrange individually with us.

Examples of the material of the canvas pictures
Photo printed on canvas stretched on wooden stretcher frame
The stretcher frame types for your canvas photo

Our standard stretcher has a depth of 20 mm and a profile width of 45 mm. For large formats from about 150 cm, a more stable stretcher frame with a depth of 40 mm may be useful. We offer this as an order item for an additional charge. Just ask us about it.

Our stretcher frames are of course delivered with tensioning wedges. For larger formats over 100 cm, the stretcher frame is reinforced with an additional cross and/or cross bracing.

We process for our canvas pictures only high-quality stretcher frames from art wholesalers and sustainable forestry. These are made of Scandinavian spruce wood, are glued several times and thus almost distortion-free.

Individual sizes are possible upon request

Both in our retail store in Berlin-Friedrichshain and in our online store we offer a variety of fixed formats of canvas prints on the 20mm stretcher frame. This we stock in 5 cm increments from 15 to 140 cm and can thus guarantee a timely completion.

In addition, if you want a custom size or a different wedge frame depth, just contact us directly. We will be able to offer you a satisfactory solution for your photo canvas print in this case as well.

Maximum sizes for printing on photo canvas

We stretch up to a maximum size of 140 x 300 cm on stretcher frames. We can print up to a roll width of 152 cm. Printable are 150 cm of it. The length is limited only by the length of the roll of material.

Please note that when using the full width of the roll, a margin for stretching the canvas print of 5 cm all around for the 20 mm deep stretcher frame and of at least 6 cm for the 40 mm deep stretcher frame must still remain. Therefore, a maximum of 140 cm is visible from the front minus the stretching margin.

Quality and color accuracy in printing for canvas prints:

All our print media are regularly profiled by us,
so that your motif can be reproduced in true color and brilliantly. In the process, more than 1,000 different color patches are printed on the photo canvas and read in with a special measuring device. 

A print profile is calculated from these determined values, which describes how which color tone looks on the material. This compensates for device- and material-specific color deviations. Your canvas picture thus receives the optimal colors to make your printed photo on canvas look good.

Photos printed on canvas with color profiling