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Real photo print as gallery image
mounted on alu dibond plate

Your pictures on Alu Dibond: Printed high-end photo print, then mounted as a gallery photo on Alu Dibond board and subsequently finished in three different surfaces. With the highest standards of quality and perfection, we produce pictures and photos on Alu Dibond in four steps: read more

*for non-standard prints & inquiries

With the highest standards of quality and perfection, we produce your image as a gallery photo mounted on aluminum dibond in 4 steps:

Step 1 - Gallery quality photo printing:
- high resolution photo print with 1200 dpi on satin photo paper 260 gsm (FOGRA and PEFC/FSC certified)
- Printed with uv-resistant pigment inks with up to 12 colors (including RGB colors) for years of durability
- huge color gamut and excellent detail sharpness

2nd step - finishing with 3 different surfaces:
- front side finishing with UV protection foil
- Surface freely selectable in matt, satin or glossy
- Advantages: Scratch protection + UV protection and easy to clean because wipeable surface (microfiber cloth recommended).

3rd step - preparation:
- the dibond plate is self-adhesive with ph-neutral acrylate adhesive.

4th step - lamination:
- by means of professional laminating machine the photo prints of your pictures are mounted bubble-free on the original alu-dibond composite panel

Technical note: With our printing on photo paper, a larger color space and a finer image resolution can be achieved for images on Alu-Dibond than with direct plate printing on Alu-Dibond. The price of the undeniably cheaper direct plate printing can therefore only be compared to a high quality photo print and its subsequent finishing in several steps to a limited extent.

By the way, our photo prints of pictures on alu-dibond have both a larger color space and more detail sharpness even compared to a lambda exposure, which is often advertised as state-of-the-art.

Special formats (up to a maximum of 148 x 300 cm) are possible as individual orders.

Product group:
Lamination on sheet material

Base material:
Dibond aluminum composite, photo paper, PET acrylate double adhesive film, UV protection film with acrylate adhesive.

3 mm

indoor, product for the wall, pictures on alu dibond

Pigment print

Eyelet sheets with spacer 10 mm depth, aluminum back frame 10 mm and 20 mm depth.

Ordering method:
Online store, USB stick, individual order via FTP

ICC profiles real photo print mounted on Alu Dibond

How long does it take to make my picture?

In our product or category descriptions, you will find the average production times or the exact printing dates and deadlines for data submission.

I am unsure if the size of my image is sufficient. What can I do?

We check your data for the appropriate resolution for the desired size and whether the image proportions fit. If there are any problems or ambiguities, we will contact you.

What is the exact ordering process?

You either order your image in our online store or send us the file via our individual order with the appropriate info and your wishes noted.

For both order options, after we have successfully reviewed your data, you will receive an e-mail containing our invoice with the payment terms and informing you of the expected completion or shipping date.

If you have paid our invoice in advance, you can come to pick up your print at any time during our business hours from the completion date. Payment on site is possible by German EC card or cash. For staff reasons, however, we are happy if you have already paid in advance. This is possible by bank transfer or Paypal.

If your data is not readily printable, we will contact you in advance to inquire.

Can I pick up my print in person?

You can come to our retail store in Berlin-Friedrichshain for collection at any time from the notified completion date during our business hours from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5:30 pm. Since we currently do not have the store open directly due to staffing reasons, then please just knock on our door.

How much does it cost to have a photo printed?

Prices for printing a photo start at 30 x 20 cm with 4,02 EUR. The printing price always depends on the chosen material and the size of the image. The resolution of your photo has an influence on which sizes are still well printable.

What format to print photos?

The aspect ratio of the photo should match the aspect ratio of the format to be printed. Many cameras take photos in the aspect ratio of 3:2 or 4:3. This results, for example, in a photo in the format 30 x 20 cm or with the 4:3 aspect ratio the format 40 x 30 cm. Optimal photo file FORMATS are jpg files, as these are not too large due to their compression and are therefore easy to send. But also png and tif are possible.

How can I print pictures from my cell phone?

You can email pictures from your smartphone directly to us on demand and have them printed on high-quality photo paper. Or you can upload your photos to be printed via our webshop during the order process.

Alu Dibond material layers for gallery photos on Dibond

Images on alu dibond as gallery photo: quality for every motif

Present your images as mounted photo print on alu-dibond - puristic elegance with high authenticity. Our aludibond gallery picture consists of 6 layers:

Two coated aluminum plates enclose a dark plastic core. This provides a thin but rigid laminating plate with a black side look. The image is then laminated onto this high-quality stabilizing carrier plate as a high-quality printed photo print, which is effectively protected and enhanced by a thin UV protective film in matte, satin or glossy.

1 PROTECTIVE FILM: UV protection in matte, satin or glossy finishes
2 PAPER: Fineart photo print on silk matt photo paper
3 ADHESIVE: ph-neutral acrylic adhesive
4 SHIFT: Aluminum layer
5 CORE: Black plastic core (PET)
6 SHIFT: Aluminum layer

Durable sealing of your image on alu-dibond with UV protective film

Protection for your most beautiful pictures: With the thin and transparent protective film, the impression of your motif remains unaltered - and survives UV rays and dirt. Every motif has different requirements - all deserve an optimal solution: Choose between three high-quality UV protection films the right look for your pictures on Alu-Dibond:

Alu Dibond gallery photo with SATIN surface
Alu Dibond gallery photo with the surface MATT
Alu Dibond gallery photo with the GLOSSY surface
Alu Dibond gallery photo with SATIN surface

Your images as gallery photo on alu-dibond refined with three different surfaces:

To protect your images on Alu-Dibond safely from environmental influences and UV radiation, they are finished with a high-quality ultra-thin UV protection film. This is available from us in three different versions. All films have in common the protection against fading and damage to the printed photo paper as well as the associated refinement of the image surface of the aluminum dibond photo. However, the three protective films differ in their properties in terms of appearance, color brilliance and sharpness of detail of the image. The effect of the UV protection films should therefore always be seen in relation to the image motif, as there are differences and adapted recommendations for the optimal motif-related surface selection in this respect.

The matte UV protection film

The matt UV protection film has the property that it makes the motif of the aluminum dibond photo absolutely reflection-free, so that even disturbing side light or spot lighting have hardly any effect on the image display. Another advantage is the good resistance to fingerprints and scratches. Overall, the matte surface has the greatest robustness of these three films. These advantages should be weighed when comparing them to the relative disadvantages of the matte surface:

Compared to the semi-matte/satin and even more so to the glossy UV protection film, the matte, reflection-free surface is somewhat at the expense of color brilliance. The detail drawing in the dark areas of the image is somewhat reduced and in very dark areas with low details, the frontal view can look rather dull in these parts of the image. Basically, it can be said that bright, colored and light black-and-white motifs on Alu-Dibond harmonize very well with the matte finish, whereas very dark images tend not to fit so well.

The silk matt (satin) UV protection film

The silky matte/satin UV protection film reduces the glossiness less than the matte version, but without affecting the depth of the image too much. Fingerprints are a bit easier to leave than on the matte film and unfortunately a bit harder to remove (with alcohol and a microfiber cloth). The silk-matte surface leaves the color effect of the alu-dibond image similar to the surface of the printed photo on the unprotected satin photo paper. Thus, it represents a good compromise between the two poles of matte and glossy.

The glossy UV protection film

The glossy film causes a brilliance enhancement in the colors of the images on Alu-Dibond and also offers a better detail sharpness, especially in the depths of the Alu-Dibond image. Only under very unfavorable hanging conditions can the gloss of the UV protective film lead to unwanted reflections, although these are not as strong as with a real high-gloss picture, e.g. acrylic glass pictures or pictures behind float glass. The glossy surface gives the Alu-Dibond photo something very photographic and supports the direct effect on the viewer.

Especially for black and white photos, the glossy film is a good choice due to the better depth drawing. Fingerprints can be removed with alcohol and a microfiber cloth, but you should be very careful to avoid micro scratches. In the absolute close-up range, the glossy surface has a felt very slight "orange peel" effect, so it is not ultra-smooth. In summary, the glossy version is especially well suited for brilliantly colored photographic images on Alu-Dibond.

Aludibond picture of the motif "Molecule Men" with suspension

Hanging pictures on alu dibond

For the ideal hanging of your picture on Alu-Dibond, we select the right mount for the picture format, which is available in three sizes. Safe, uncomplicated and optionally already mounted or supplied (for an extra charge). All brackets can be combined with gallery rails. The aluminum back frame shown is reserved for very large and valuable pictures and is only available as an order item at an extra charge.

Self-adhesive panel suspension with spacers
Eyelet plates and spacers
Optional back frame for Alu Dibond pictures
Aluminum back frame
Aludibond picture of the motif "Molecule Men" with suspension

Images on alu dibond as gallery photo: modern look meets highest quality

Present your most beautiful photographs as printed photo prints mounted on high quality aluminum dibond - simple, modern, timeless and always in gallery quality. We want you to enjoy your wall pictures for a particularly long time and therefore rely on the latest printing technology. We print with color-stable pigment inks in the highest resolution on an FSC-certified photo paper from German production and with a color space that is unparalleled. As an image carrier, we use a durable branded aluminum composite plate that gives your print stability. Want to learn more? Read on and discover the advantages of our Alu Dibond gallery photo.

Gallery photo on Alu Dibond - what quality is it?

The term fineart print describes the high print quality of the photo print best. At the same time, the best possible processing options are also used here. Our pictures on Aludibond as gallery photo are high-end photo prints, whose high-grade sharpness is combined with a very large printable color space and which are laminated onto a high-quality aluminum composite plate in the further course of production. We use a special ph-neutral adhesive film for the lamination, i.e. the mounting on the aluminum Dibond plate, which ensures a guaranteed bubble- and crack-free result with high conservation durability.

As an additional protection and surface refinement, the photo is protected by a UV protective laminate. Thus, the life of your pictures on Alu Dibond is additionally extended, ever even doubled - for decades of enjoyment of your pictures. With us, you have the choice between a glossy, a silk matte and a total matte surface, so that for every presentation location and every motif is provided for the appropriate finishing. Would you like to see the differences for yourself? Order a sample set (without board) by mail or make an appointment to visit our showroom in Berlin. We look forward to seeing you!

How to hang pictures on Alu Dibond?

You don't have to worry about hanging your Alu Dibond gallery photos. The back of the plate can be provided with a mount and spacers suitable for the individual format of your aludibond photo. If you wish, you can also order an alumininium back frame from us as an absolutely professional mounting, which we will glue to the back of the AluDibond gallery photo. This ensures a particularly secure and high-quality suspension and at the same time an absolute rigidity of the Aludibond plate, which is especially advantageous for very large images. You will usually receive your works after 6 to 8 working days - we ensure the fastest possible production time. We ask for an order and data delivery preferably always by Monday at the latest, so that your Aludibond gallery photo can be integrated into our production run of the respective week. All questions and data clarity should therefore have been clarified in advance so that we can guarantee you a punctual and reliable production.

How do pictures on alu-dibond differ from other products?

When choosing the ideal image presentation, it is worth comparing. For many demanding customers, the picture on Aludibond is the optimal solution for their favorite motifs. Above all, the aluminum dibond gallery photo is the ideal choice for a simple staging of your photos in outstanding gallery quality. For price-sensitive customers, but also for the presentation in damp rooms or in the outdoor area rather offers a Direct printing on alu dibond which stands out in comparison due to its higher resilience and water resistance, but cannot quite keep up with the higher resolution and color space of our gallery photo on Alu-Dibond in the absolute close-up range.

A print on canvas, on the other hand, underlines the commitment to sustainability and natural materials through the textile base material and ensures an authentic museum-quality art experience through the eye-catching carrier material made of high-quality linen. The image presentation as an acrylic gas photo creates a very nice depth effect and maximized color brilliance. And last but not least, it's also worth comparing with our recommendation for an eye-catching special effect: a photo on brushed aluminum (Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish®), which is available as a laminated fully transparent gallery version or as a more opaque direct print.

The advantages of photo prints mounted on Alu Dibond at a glance

Your motif in focus: Present your photos as a high-end photo print laminated on Alu Dibond in a modern and understated look.

Selection: You can choose between matte, satin matte or glossy UV protection finishes.

Customized design: You can get your gallery photos as pictures on Alu Dibond in the format of your choice.

Gallery quality: Long-lasting durability through the use of proven materials and professional lamination on high-quality aluminum composite panels guarantee the highest quality for your image on alu-dibond.

The aluminum dibond panel: Alu-Dibond is durable, stable, has a low weight and is the perfect material for high-quality photo presentations due to its rigidity.